Current Projects

Happy Holidays to all of our human and furry friends! I hope this time of year is finding everyone well. I have lots of updates to share. While as you know our organization focuses on trap, neuter, return this year has left us with a huge number of adoptable cats and kittens in need of loving homes. The economy is making this very difficult to find homes and to raise enough money to pay for TNR. We desperately need both donations and for everyone to spread the word about our adoptions. We have many amazing cats and kittens.

We are continuing to trap both in Woodbridge and South Amboy. The economy has caused a huge influx of new cats. People have no where to turn and abandon pets who then breed feral colonies. The only way to stop this is to help with low cost spay/neuter for those who feed the colonies. While people do care and do their best they can not stop the breeding with out someone to turn to for assistance. In many cases they simply do not know how to trap or where to go. In others they can not take on the financial expense of the surgeries. Last fiscal year we trapped and neutered 708 cats! We are hoping to be able to do the same this year but we can only do this with your help.

Last year we found homes for hundreds of kittens and abandoned cats. This year is proving to be far more difficult but we are helping as many as we can. We are finding far more adult cats left behind when people lose their homes. Adults are harder to find homes but we have to try. Friendly house cats will not survive long on the streets. They do not have the skills and will simply turn to humans for food and shelter. The lucky ones find people such as our organization while many do not.

Adopting an adult allows us the space to rescue another and save one more life.

Our ebay site is still up and running with nearly 5000 jewelry and handmade quilt listings. We have been lucky this season and have received many donations of jewelry. Other pieces are from estates. Carol continues to make her wonderful handmade lap quilts and adorable cat themed jewelry as well. Shopping our site or donating unwanted jewelry is a great way to help!

One happy story have to share is that of a woman who took in a pregnant stray cat. She gave birth to 3 kittens before she was able to be spayed. Beside the family a new kitten has shown up outside of her home. She thought he had a hurt paw but what we found was much worse. His leg had been broken and healed poorly. The poor boy had suffered for quite some time with no medical care. We found homes for the three kittens. Another rescue was kind enough to take in the mother cat. The injured baby required a leg amputation which thanks to your donations we were able to pay for. A friend of our rescue helped us find him the perfect home with a member of her family! With everyone coming together one kitten destined for a painful life on the streets has become a beloved family member. He would not have made it with out all of us doing our part.

I have to say a special thank you to a dear friend. I met Denise Gonnelli through a vet many years ago. She was a well meaning woman desperate for help in stopping her neighborhood cat population from growing out of control. With no one else to turn to we helped her trap and neuter every cat. We have continued to do so over the years every time a new cat has been abandoned in her area. Denise has continued to donate over the years to help us assist those who can not afford trap, neuter return. This year she has made a generous holiday donation in honor of her friends and family. Donating in lieu of holiday gifts will help us prevent thousands of unwanted kittens and save many lives. We truly appreciate her help as do the many cats who would not have gotten the help they needed with out her.

Everyone at Whiskers Rescue wishes your families, four legged included, a happy holiday and a puurrrffect new year!