Whiskers Rescue is dedicated to spaying and neutering feral, untamed cats and releasing them back to their environment to live out their lives without contributing to the stray cat population. Feral cats are cats who are born outdoors, with no human contact, and as such do not make suitable pets. Without any human intervention, however, they are doomed to live short, miserable lives producing litter after litter of kittens who will experience the same fate.

Trapping these cats, neutering and vaccinating them, then returning them to their own territory is the only effective method of helping. Each cat we trap is neutered, vaccinated, tested for FeLV, treated for parasites and ear tipped. Ear tipping is a way of marking each cat as neutered. It is not only recognizable by the colony caretaker but by others involved in the feral cat community. If any cats are caught who are in need of other medical care we do provide it. No cat is euthanized that can be treated and continue to live happily in their colony. The cats are provided with shelter and food and the colony is monitored for new arrivals, to prevent the cycle from starting all over again.

Whenever possible we remove kittens from the colonies when they are very young. By catching them at a young age we are able to tame them and adopt them to loving homes. Rescued feral kittens make wonderful companions. By removing kittens and making sure that every cat in the colony is neutered the size of the colony decreases over time. The existing adults do not leave litter after litter of kittens to replace them and the colony disappears over a number of years. Each individual cat is allowed to live out their life but the over all population is decreased.

We provide an alternative

Whiskers Rescue Inc. provides an incredible service to the homeless and feral cats but we also provide a service to the community.

Every neighborhood has a fellow cat lover who feeds feral and stray cats. Anyone who has ever had a hungry feline show up at their door step knows just how hard it is to say no. The kind gesture though can quickly grow into an out of control colony. One unspayed feral cat and her mate will lead to 11,606,077 new homeless cats in just 9 years. This statistic assumes that only 2.8 kittens per litter survive to reproduce. As you can imagine in just a few years the one cat you were kind enough to help can lead to many.

Currently their are limited options for those who are feeding stray cats. Because feral cats do not make suitable pets if they are taken to animal control they will be euthanized. There is no other option for the shelters. Pest control agencies also end in the stray cats being euthanized. When faced with 5, 10, 20 or even more cats many people are simply unable to afford the costs of having them all altered. They are faced with the difficult decision of whether it is better to have them all killed to to let them breed out of control. Whiskers Rescue provides a humane alternative.

We help make it possible for cat lovers to manage the cats they feed in a humane fashion and prevent them from adding the over population of homeless cats on our streets. This is a benefit to cat lovers, the cats, and even those who do not share out fondness for felines as our work decreases the number of cats.