If You Are Feeding Stray Cats

If you are feeding stray cats in your backyard or place of business, trap them NOW and have them neutered before they reproduce.

We are available to help people who want to neuter feral cats in their area. If you need help, please email us at info@whiskersrescue.org and explain your situation. Please include information regarding the location of the cats, who owns the property they reside on, the number of cats and kittens and which aspects of the TNR process you will personally be able to be involved with. Due to limited funds and time, we need to prioritize those who need help. Please understand that while we trap hundreds of cats every year we do not have the resources to help the thousands of cats we are contacted about.

We are available to ANYONE who wants to learn how to do this- we will show you how to use a humane trap, offer trapping tips and caretaking tips, and help find a vet who will work with you.

If you are unable to physically trap on your own, but are willing to fund the cost of surgeries and continue to feed and monitor the cats, we will trap for you as time allows.

If you are unable to physically trap and unable to contribute to the cost of surgeries, we will help you as time and money allow.

If you are able to trap and fund the cost of surgeries but need to borrow traps we can lend them to you. For each trap you will be asked to leave a $100 deposit which will be returned to you when the trap is returned.

If you want feral cats permanently removed from your property, we are not able to help you.